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Every child should grow up with love and good future prospects.
„Muhira“ means „home“ in Kirundi, the national language of Burundi. Our children’s and orphanage is the basis, but we want to develop a sustainable life perspective through our three pillars: children’s home, education and family support on site.

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Muhira means Home

about us

Muhira children's home

In our MUHIRA children’s home we take care of 25 children aged 5 to 18 years. They all have  different traumatic stories as to why they are gone can live with their families. Some children have been abandoned because their parents have remarried, others parents have died or been killed; are addicted violent or too poor to take care of them.

It is important to us that all children have access to education. That’s why all children go to school. After graduation
we help them either to university too
go or through a craft training one
Opportunity to be independent in the future.

We also help them establish contact with their families of origin – as far as possible – through regular visits and keep up phone calls.

Muhira education & career

In Burundi there is a lack of good vocational training and there is high unemployment. But only those who are well educated is has a chance for a good future and improves the overall situation in Burundi.

For this reason we organize in cooperation with other supporters a course in welding. Edmond teaches how to make doors, windows and more can weld.

Our dream is to buy land to set up a vocational school to build so that there are more young adults in craft trades – trained for construction and agriculture

Depending on their skills and wishes but they can too study or at one attend vocational training.

At the moment we accompany three students and one young mother, the one Apprenticeship as a seamstress has begun.

Muhira family help

When Burundian families are in trouble and in need, the whole country is affected. We help families to strengthen their resources and individual solutions to find for their problems. We support them materially in the form of food, clothing and school supplies, while they themselves through the implementation of the drafted Solutions to be able to for yourself too care for.

In support of Edmond and I, we wish us also to be able to hire someone who
in addition to cooking and helping with homework takes care.

We are currently supporting 55 families. In the future we would like also offer training and prevention. For example
on family planning and parenting.


Make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Your generosity makes our work possible.

A monthly Donation of 40€ helps us to give a home for one Child. 

A monthly Donation of 50€ helps us to support one Family to improve and change their Lives.

German Support account: Kontoinhaber: Globe Mission

Bank: evangelische Bank

Kontonummer: DE20 5206 0410 0004 0022 53

Verwendungszweck: Mietsch PN 122

(Spendenquittungen werden ausgestellt.)


American Support account: www.globeintl.org 

1. First klick on give

2. Second fill out the form (gift preference for: Mietsch Edmond and Janine)


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We work with the Tauranga Foundation New Zealand, led by Pastor Russel Turner. Pastor Turner visits us annually to advise and provide funds for rental expenses.


Muhira Kinderhaus hat eine Gruppe von Freunden, Familien, Gemeinden aus unterschiedlichen Ländern die uns in unserer Arbeit unterstützen.


Janine (ehemals Mietsch) und Edmond Ndindamagambo

E-Mail:  MuhiraKinder@gmail.com

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