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A Home for children and a Help for Families

Every child should grow up with love and a good chance for the future. At Muhira Children’s Home we provide a home for children and we help Familie, so that their children can grow up with the best conditions. 

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Ein ereignisreicher Sommer liegt uns und ihr könnt alles was passiert ist, in unserem neuen Muhira News nachlesen. Falls ihr euch noch nicht registriert habt,

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Muhira News 03/2020

Life|Miracles|News Our new Muhira news are out and ready to read. Fully packed with news feed and personal stories. If you are not getting our

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Muhira means Home

about us

Who We serve

We are giving a home to Street-children, Rejected and cast out children, Orphans.

Families and single mothers who are in troubles to provide for their children.

Families with problems of violence and addiction.

What we do

We are giving a home to Children with all they need: feeling loved and accepted the way they are, Education, teaching of daily life skills, healthy eating.

We offer support and targeted help for families to overcome their problems. So that their children can live with them safely and well.

Coming up soon:
We are building up a vocational training.
1. welding training
2. Cheese factory

At the Root

Our ministry is based in our Faith in Jesus Christ.

We are based in Bujumbura/ Burundi.

In everything we do, we want to make sure that our children are happy and have the tools and opportunity to grow up to be responsible citizens.


Make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Your generosity makes our work possible.

A monthly Donation of 40€ helps us to give a home for one Child. 

A monthly Donation of 50€ helps us to support one Family to improve and change their Lives.

German Support account: Kontoinhaber: Globe Mission

Bank: evangelische Bank

Kontonummer: DE20 5206 0410 0004 0022 53

Verwendungszweck: Mietsch PN 122

(Spendenquittungen werden ausgestellt.)


American Support account: www.globeintl.org 

1. First klick on give

2. Second fill out the form (gift preference for: Mietsch Edmond and Janine)


For America

For Germany


get involved



We work with the Tauranga Foundation New Zealand, led by Pastor Russel Turner. Pastor Turner visits us annually to advise and provide funds for rental expenses.


Eine christliche Organisation, die Missionare aussendet und berät, um ihren Ruf von Gott zu erfüllen. Janine und Edmond sind Missionare für diesen Dienst.


Muhira Kinderhaus hat eine Gruppe von Freunden, Familien, Gemeinden aus unterschiedlichen Ländern die uns in unserer Arbeit unterstützen.


Missionare: Janine Mietsch und Edmond Ndindamagambo

E-Mail:  MuhiraKinder@gmail.com


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