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The beginning

Muhira Children’s Home is a Christian ministry that belongs to Jesus River of Life Ministries and was founded in 2006 by Pastor Ngendahorurie Elie. He saw the suffering of children who were begging and decided to help, along with his family. 

burundi & Poverty

Burundi is a nation with many young people and is one of the poorest countries in the world. The inadequate food and water supply, along with the underdeveloped health and education system increase the feeling of hopelessness and decrease opportunities for a chance at a better future.

Homeless and impoverished orphans in Burundi (many due to AIDS and war) are particularly dependent on care and education. When children lose their parents due to an illness such as AIDS, a relative generally takes in and takes care of the child. When no relative is able to care for a child, they are forced to live and beg on the street. Orphaned children are the poorest of the poor. Childhood poverty is a root cause of adult poverty.

What we do

Since 2015 we have rented a house for our children in Kanyosha (a quarter of Bujumbura), with the help of the Tauranga Foundation led by Pastor Russell Turner from New Zealand. We are currently looking after 25 children aged 6-19 years who attend elementary and secondary school in Kanyosha, the area where our house is located. These are public schools (state schools). In Muhira Children’s Home, school and education are emphasized in order for the children to have better opportunities in the future. To make this possible for all children, we offer extra homework help.

Our children are also encouraged to learn everyday skills such as cooking, washing clothes, gardening, handwork and house cleaning. This will give our boys and girls the life skills necessary to run their own household when they get older. During the weekend, our children like to sing, dance, play or do handicrafts, and sing in the community. With everything we do, we strive to make sure that our children are happy and grow up to be responsible citizens.